Agency Power Catalytic Converter Delete Bypass Pipe Ferrari F458 Italia | Spider | Speciale

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If you are looking to gain some serious power and take your Ferrari F458 to the track, then this cat delete bypass pipe is what you need. The stock catalytic converter is a huge restriction and is highway robbery of your horsepower and torque needs. This race use cat delete pipe can be used with the stock or aftermarket exhaust and headers. Its also a great way to get that amazingly louder F1 race sound. Made from T304 stainless steel, TIG welded, and polished to a mirror finish, this is a easy way to get better throttle response and improve the power curve on the Ferrari F458. Sold as a pair. Note: You may need a ECU flash to get rid of a possible check engine light from this part. For race use only. All Agency Power parts come with a limited lifetime warranty when you fill out the form here.
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